WiT Webinar - Collecting the Collectors: Engaging the Adult Consumer

10/18/2022 01:00 PM - 01:00 PM ET


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Collector-focused products and ads were once an afterthought, but that changed in the 21st century.  Companies that tailor their outreach to collectors, in addition to marketing to children, have done very well… Then there are companies who go all in with adult consumers. In this webinar, join Dr. Jacqueline Fulmer, Director of Omnidoll Research, to:

  • Hear about the passionate followings some toys have inspired.
  • Discover the hidden value of this sometimes little understood sector.
  •  Find out how your product can uncover potential markets among collectors. Don’t rule out yours; after all, few market watchers could have predicted the Bronies!
  • See how the worlds of collector social media could work for you.




DATE: Tuesday, October 18, 2022

TIME: 1:00 - 2:00 PM EST

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Dr. Jacqueline Fulmer, Director, Omnidoll Research 

Jackie Fulmer has been active in the collecting world since the 1990s and has been researching and writing about doll collectors since 2008. She holds a PhD in Rhetoric (Folklore emphasis), which paved the way to her present field of Doll Studies. She recently finished finding institutional homes for the many toy-related collections of Dr. Stevanne Auerbach (“Dr. Toy”), including at the Strong Museum of Play. Currently, she is working on her second book, Doll Culture in America


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